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Technology in Travel; Overhauling MICE

The world of business travel is being contrived with technological innovations and are being used within the meetings, incentives, conference, and expos. With travel-tech being the cynosure, the companies are poised to disrupt the user experience, while saving cost and optimizing price.

Over the past couple of years, the business travel space has been revolutionized as technological innovations become more and more prevalent. With globalization taking over the world economy, business travel has become the yardstick for growth.

As technological innovations such as speech translation, 3D printing, AI assistance ameliorates the travel experience, the need for a single platform to bring together these service providers and seekers is more relevant than ever.

MICE Conclave 2018 is one of its kind business platform that will bring together the major industry players, most innovative travel tech startups and service seekers to this one single platform.

In today’s marketplace, the catalyst for progression is technology and the cultural shifts which ensue as a result of these technological advancements.

Technology implementation in the Mice industry is gaining prominence and getting rampant in every aspect. Apart from the very popular aggregator platforms, tech in MICE is also gaining momentum in communication through Speech translation to having an AI assistance. Companies within the industry are also taking great interest in investing into new forms of tech and apps. In India MICE Industry has witnessed a total overhaul of existing systems and practices. This is where the paradigm in the industry is appearing, where new ventures with tech at the forefront of what they are do is being granted access to the marketplace. Technological progression has played a vital role in the MICE industry. Long gone are the days when an overhead projector is all that was demanded. Today, speech translation, AI assistance, cost optimizing software have become a necessity for most MICE consumers. With personal AI assistance such as “Mezi”, which takes out the hard-work from corporate travel, it is only exciting to imagine how technology will revolutionize and expedite Mice travel. The days when language was barrier in corporate travel is behind us; with the advent of speech translation softwares, businesses are breaking the shackles of language and cultural barriers weaving the world into one marketplace.

Today, we see an Indian delegate extending a business proposal to his Chinese counterpart in ways similar to a Japanese divulging “sushi” recipe to an American traveller; the possibilities which these technologies offer for MICE travelers are boundless.

MICE Conclave 2018 will serve as a platform to host an array of proficient innovations to enhance the scope of offerings to empower the MICE buyers. As envisioned by Mr. Rishikesh Shetty, CEO - Founder of Exito Media Concepts that “MICE Sector in India is on the verge of revolution and will wait for for no one to catch up”. What was a considered to be a reverie of the past is a thing of the present. This year promises a world of new opportunities to be unraveled for the service providers and the seekers. With this year’s premier edition taking place in Mumbai, Exito aspires to provide an ongoing platform to explore the trends and technology in the MICE industry along with providing the perfect marketplace for suitable solutions.