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From Expense To Experience: The Changing Face of Global Business Travel Industry

Owing to multiple reasons-from better mobile technology that makes availing services easier to the improvement in the travel experience influenced by technological and economic progress, the experience a business traveler derives has leaped ahead in recent times. There is a general shift in mindset in such travelers and those who fund the travels: they now see business travel less as an expense and more as an experience.

In this context, there are certain ways to make the experience even more cherishable for the traveler.

For instance, when the traveler gets free time from the meetings and other engagements , exploring the local culture and savoring the sights and sounds of the destination city shouldn’t be missed. To ensure that they get the best out of the endeavor, it’s a good idea to provide them with background research on the famous landmarks etc. that would be of interest. And in case they are pressed for time, providing them with information regarding sight-seeing bus etc., the kind of service which most major cities offer, would be a great idea so that they could take in all the major attractions in a limited time.

Also advantageous for the traveler would be enabling them to learn at least the key phrases and most commonly used words /greetings in the local dialect. In fact, if their meeting at the destination is with members from a culture in the destination city, knowing such terms could also aid in building a good business rapport. In other words, a few phrases in an alien tongue could go a long way in both enhancing the travel experience and the business experience.

And while we are at the topic of experiencing another culture, what better way to do that than through the cuisine! Rather than having their meals at the hotel where they stay, the traveler may do well to savor the delicacies at the local eateries, where truer flavors may be found. Apps like Zomato could help locate the best restaurants suited for their palate.

While tasting exotic foods and enjoying the local culture may be worth indulging in, no business travel experience is complete without fruitful interactions with people. One smart thing for the traveler to do in this context would be to spread the word about their travel beforehand. Social media could be invaluable in helping set up additional meetings at the destination other than the primary event they are attending. Also, providing them with leads to networking events at their destination that they could attend would be a good idea.

The term ‘experience’ often conjures abstract feelings more than anything else. But just because the feelings may not be as tangible as a physical object that you could touch, more often than not, it’s these feelings that bring a more holistic angle to the travel experience. This in turn makes for a more satisfied traveler who would be naturally incentivized to create greater productivity. In other words, the road less taken could lead to the most fruitful results!